I love hiking mountains, canoeing rivers, and exploring wilderness areas. I use the handle "walktothecabin" for this blog, Twitter, and StockTwits.

This name refers to an unusually secluded lakeside retreat we own. To reach the cabin involves driving 3 miles of a lonely dirt road and then walking 10 minutes through the woods to the cabin. The trail starts out a bit rocky, and then opens into a mature spruce forest. Upon reaching the cabin and 400 acre lake, no other cabins are within sight. It is quite likely you will not see another person while there.

The cabin was part of a logging operation in the 1940s or 50s. At one time, it had phone service, while never having electricity. Also on the property is a small workshop, which once belonged to a preacher who preached to area loggers. One of the previous owners bought this 10' x 12' cabin and hauled it across the lake on the ice to the cabin lot. Only a man of God could have lived in such a small building.

Inside the cabin are numerous deer antlers. One of the previous owners was a hunter and a respected outdoorsman who learned techniques from Native Americans.

When I was young, my grandfather worked as a park ranger. His campground was 7 miles in from where you parked your vehicle. I have many great memories of this campground and grandpa. So when I visit the cabin, it reminds me of the old days, but of course on a much smaller scale.

While I realize the handle "walktothecabin" doesn't have anything to do with trading, it is more about who I am and my motivations.