How I Select Stocks

For me, a stock needs to trade over 200,000 shares per day. Market conditions should be favorable or turning that way.

I screen for stocks with increasing demand and positive financial aspects. In terms of demand, I am talking about charting. I like cup and handle, bull flag, increasing volume support and resistance, and breaking out of a long-bottoming process.

As for financials, ideally I look for growth, margins, and no crazy debt. These numbers should be trending in a positive direction. Sales should increase. Margins should not be shrinking.

The sector should be strong. Is the company interesting? Does their website make sense? If the business model is weak, I don't see this as a great story.

Of course, the other part of this is the time frame. Do I want results today, this month, or this year? Here, I seek a serious and thoughtful approach.

Coincidentally, the original version of this page was lost. I can't even find the content on the Internet Wayback Machine. So, I gathered my new thoughts and put this together. Perhaps this is just what I needed. A fresh start.