Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14 2014

None of my ideas from yesterday panned out, but I did enjoy a nice move in $CLNE from a purchase on Friday. Here are some new ideas:

$KLIC is a high-growth stock looking to break this descending trendline. I see increasing volume on the daily chart. Resistance is roughly $16.50.

$HCLP is another high-growth stock. This stock has been basing for almost three months. I'm guessing this stock can clear $38.50 and continue higher. Time will tell.

$NTCT is likely basing here, but it could ready for new highs in 2015. The trend has been higher, except for the last 3 weeks or so. This is another high-growth stock that looks good to me.

$ULTA had nice buying volume today and appears to be ready. If it gets above $155, this could be the start of a steady move higher.

As with all my ideas, please know I am a regular guy on the Internet and not a pro. I learn from my mistakes, and many of my mistakes lost me money. Be responsible for your own trades, but try to learn from good stocks and good traders.