Monday, January 4, 2016

Keep posting stock ideas on Twitter

A cool stock trader guy retired from Twitter recently. We were kinda friends. And now he is gone. Today, I'll outline why you should post stock ideas, charts, and blog posts. Perhaps, I write to keep myself going. More importantly, Twitter provides financial value and knowledge. I'm also trying to resurrect my Twitter friend from the grave. Joking.

Twitter finance encourages expressing ideas, learning from the smart people, and digesting pure entertainment. Some people are insanely funny, knowledgeable, or crazy. I like the last group. However, the smart ones, including yourself, help you learn to make money.

By explaining your stock ideas and perspective on the market, you build knowledge and market experience. Writing down your ideas gives you a force to lean on. Extra Jedi. You've been there. You saw it. Time will prove you right or wrong. Looking at your own Twitter feed should reflect your experience and personal growth. Or misery. As you express your own ideas, you add to the knowledge of Twitter finance. Normal people will read and reflect on your ideas. Mean ones will attack. Crazies will make you laugh, which is great. Seriously, your tweets could be helping someone, perhaps yourself, understand a new concept.

Beyond the continued value of thinking, writing and building ideas, Twitter allows you to study the great stock people. If a person consistently makes amazing calls and describes part of their strategy, you can find commonalities - profit margin, growth, volume, market cap, chart, market conditions, time frame, sector, debt, location, anything. You have to spend time to figure out their logic. It could change depending on market conditions or anything. However, when you know the logic for a person with repeated success you observed, you should be able to screen and find good stock moves using their strategy.

More simply, news, sports, and history are great Twitter entertainment and follows. Personally, an interesting Twitter person is the best. They think aloud and write great lines. I remember a few great Twitter stock moments when people's inspired words are powerful enough to dictate great novels or lead armies. I'm exaggerating, but it was still amazing at the time. You had to be there. More commonly, people are nice, friendly, and outgoing. Normal. Keep writing. Keep posting. Keep thinking. Know that everyone sees it differently.