Saturday, January 2, 2016

Remembering a "retired" twitter friend - Paul

Paul was a heck of a guy. Prior to us "meeting", he worked in finance and left to day trade on his own. For some reason, he followed me on Twitter. I am just a regular guy. But Paul always encouraged me and made me feel like I had great ideas. If I posted a chart posted while having beers one night, Paul retweeted me and gave compliments like I was a stock veteran. I remember numerous nights (maybe 20), he would favorite every one of my posts in a row. As my phone beeped incessantly, my wife would look at me and say, "Is that Paul again?"

He had an interesting time with Twitter. He likely burned out a few times. Initially, he posted at a somewhat normal but frequent rate. He must have had a bad experience (or a moment of zen) when he cut back considerably on who he followed, including me. I missed him. Somehow, I got caught up in a tweet with his name, and I mentioned some gratitude towards him, and we were buddies again. Paul once again retweeted me, gave me accolades that humbled me. In one tweet, Paul mentioned myself and another guy. As Twitter history would have it, this other guy has me blocked and I block him. Paul brought enemies together in one tweet -- classic! Paul blogged feverously and had tons of energy for social media. I still admire his energy and passion for stocks and writing.

Alas, he disappeared and canceled his account. A few times, he mentioned how he hated twitter. He gave so much to others, with kind words or in his effort, perhaps he wasn't getting it back in return. I admit, Twitter is sometimes shouting into a blinding snow storm. No one may hear you. At best, you might be talking to yourself. Spending time with the wife and kids might be better if you aren't getting satisfaction or entertainment from Twitter. But Paul gave me some good Twitter "friends". A few stock symbols remind me of Paul. I thank him for some fun experiences and cool Twitter friends. These things are fleeting and seemingly unimportant, but people still have an impact on you, no matter how brief and even if through just an Internet medium.