Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stock ideas - $ORBC, $PLAB, $QSII

First, I'll start with $ORBC, a wireless data company, seemingly a growth company going through growing pains. I am no financial analyst, but it appears they took on some debt and didn't have the growth to support it. Please investigate further. The chart, however, looks strong.

$QSII, a health care information services stock, has been on a tear. Company looks solid. Seems like a great sector. They report earnings near January 20. Company has a history of beating estimates, which sadly doesn't always translate into profits for long investors. I've saved 6 charts for this stock in the past 6 months. Still watching. 

$PLAB is showing up on all my screens tonight - growth, margins, flags. Chart is very strong after long decline summer 2015, which I decided not to hold through. Since then, it trended higher for quite a while, then spiked. Buying volume seems to be building.

Lastly, sorry I haven't been posting on Twitter or StockTwits. The regular job has been hell and a down market gives me time to pause.